This darter’s belly is a bit too big for its beak as it attempts to gobble down its latest catch in one go. The photos were taken by Cynthia Greene Tobin at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Florida, USA. 

She said, “I had been out photographing wildlife and was getting ready to leave before I noticed this darter bobbing into the water. I had seen this behaviour before so I observed and was patient.�

“After the darter caught the fish it positioned it vertically to try and swallow it whole but it was too big. It seemed to be a greedy bird, even looking like it might be choking itself!�

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 *** Local Caption *** Hi-I have searched and this full frame is the only one I have. The one I sent with the anhinga against the tree Is same fish. You have to see the head and neck and then they try to swallow the fish and they carry it to a tree and bash it against the tree. or rock to be sure hit is dead and then. they tosss it in. the air and swallow. I didn't get this one swallowing as it went behind the tree.

1. Photos were taken in March 2023 at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Delray Beach, Florida US
2. Bird is an anhinga. Sometimes referred to as water turkey, snakebird, devil bird. A slender waterbird with fanned tail Fish might be a blue.tilapia.
3  I had been out photographing wildlife, mainly birds and was getting ready to leave the nature park when I caught the moveThe bird did not mind my presencement of the anhinga popping up out of the water. She bobbed up again and I recognized the behavior as I have observed these birds before. You have to be patient with nature and just observe. She had the fish and first trie to hold the fish vertically to try and swallow it. It was too big. Then they will travel toward an island, a tree or rock to bang the fish against something solid. If the fish is small enough they will toss. It in the air, catch and swallow. This ones she probably just swallowed it whole. The bird did not mind my presence as I used a telephoto lens .
4. Yes they appear to be greedy and look almost like they might choke.
5  The lighting just happened to be filtered through the trees and made the shot magical..
6. I think when you love nature and the peace it affords a person , it comes through as art in your photos. 
7. Cynthia Greene Tobin  Publish a real estate magazine calledHomes & Land of the Palm Beaches. Have a degree in Dental Hygiene. From Boynton Beach Flroida, US,Image: 784808513, License: Rights-managed, Restrictions: , Model Release: no

Fotografije dana: ‘Kad si gladan, nisi svoj’, doslovno.


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'Baš kada sam se spremala napustiti park, uhvatila sam ovu pticu'

Fotografiju ptice koja pokušava proždrijeti ribu snimila je Cynthia Greene Tobin u močvarama Wakodahatcheeja na Floridi.

.”Fotografirala sam divlje životinje, uglavnom ptice i baš kada sam se spremala napustiti park, uhvatila sam ovu pticu. Morate biti strpljivi s prirodom i samo promatrati, ja sam imala teleobjektiv”, kazala je fotografkinja.

PHOTOS BY: Profimedia / Sva prava pridržana

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